Our Mission

Better Service for Improved Performance

Our mission has always been to provide significantly better lab equipment repair, calibration, and service than instrument manufacturers and for a lower price. Better service includes faster response time, more highly skilled field service engineers (FSEs), and service of a wide range of instruments from all manufacturers, some no longer supported.

Morrow Service was founded in 1959 by Andrew Morrow, a former Beckman engineer, and has been serving customers ever since.

Morrow Service, Inc.

We are located in South San Francisco, the “Birthplace of Biotechnology” and service equipment from Reno, Nevada to Los Angeles, California. We are still a growing business based in Northern California because we put the needs of our customers first. Sometimes that means we recommend that a customer puts their valuable resources towards a new or used instrument rather than incur the cost to repair an instrument that is not worth fixing.

All Morrow FSEs are EPA certified for refrigeration work, and many have 20+ years of experience in various technical fields. The principals have engineering degrees from the University of California and Master's degrees in technology and business. Our field service professionals are capable and mature individuals, with whom we are proud to entrust our valued customers.

Morrow provides repair, preventative maintenance, and calibration services to hundreds of customers throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We work on various scientific instruments from virtually all manufacturers.

Most of our customers leverage Morrow's Total Service Contract, which includes two Preventative Maintenance (PM) visits per year, unlimited "emergency" repair service calls, and all parts and labor required to maintain and repair the instrument. Preventative Maintenance visits include calibrations per manufacturer's specifications that are NIST-traceable.