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Calibration, Repair and Preventive Maintenance of

Scientific Equipment

Superior scientific instrument service, lab equipment
repair & calibration in the life sciences industry

Morrow Service, Inc.

Our mission has always been to provide significantly better lab equipment repair, calibration and service than instrument manufacturers and for a lower price.

Morrow Service, Inc.

Morrow Service Inc. Scientific Instrument Service is a highly capable lab equipment repair organization.

Morrow Service, Inc.

Morrow Service was founded more than 60 years ago to provide a high quality alternative to manufacturers repair and maintenance service.

We Are Here To Help You Succeed

Morrow Service, Inc. is a full service ally of Biotech, medical research and clinical laboratories throughout California and Nevada.

Morrow provides expert lab equipment repair, calibration and technical support of a wide range of Biotech and other research instruments. Additionally, Morrow Service can move sensitive instruments from one lab to another, train your users, perform rotor inspections among other required lab services.

Morrow Service, Inc.