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Opportunity for Field Service Engineer at Morrow Service - San Francisco Bay Area

Morrow Service, Inc. services, calibrates and repairs scientific instruments, including centrifuges, ultra-low temperature freezers, autoclaves, liquid scintillation counters, spectrophotometers, incubators, and many other biotechnology research instruments. We are always seeking competent field service engineers (FSE).

Morrow Service, Inc.

FSE Job Description

The successful candidate will have a combination of skills including verbal and written communication and hands-on instrument (motors, refrigeration, pumps, electrical circuits/systems, etc.) troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair while under pressure.

If you are the right candidate, you don't mind getting your hands (or surgical gloves) dirty, you possess engineer-like discipline to find problems and solutions, and are able to document your work in a meaningful way. You are meticulous, take the time to learn about how things work and get to the bottom of a problem no matter what it takes. You are inquisitive, curious, willing to learn and be mentored. You are able to prioritize your workload and you work well with a team and on your own.

FSE Responsibilities

  • Follow complex procedures and document progress and outcomes.
  • Repair circuit boards, motors and electrical systems
  • Perform preventative maintenance (PM) on scientific instruments
  • ​Calibrate RPM, temperature and other sensors
  • Measure and calibrate power supplies and batteries
  • Clean dirty stuff
  • Document time traveling and activities working on instruments
  • Move large, heavy equipment the right way, on truck or trailer
  • Set up sensitive equipment in customer locations
  • Rebuild or repair broken instruments or parts in shop
  • Maintain a good driving record in your own vehicle or one of ours

Desirable Qualifications

  • Engineering or other college degree
  • Refrigeration knowledge and/or license
  • Knowledge of motors, electronics, wiring, circuits, and digital schematic
  • College-level math and science


  • 401K
  • health plan
  • dental plan
  • Short Term Disability Plan
  • Competitive compensation
  • Paid vacation